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The Horseless Carriage Exhibition 1896

"The First London Motor Show"

120th Anniversary
re-enactment at
Imperial College Kensington
7/8th May 2016

International Historic Motoring Awards 2016

Mallory Park 2011

De Dion Bouton Trikes take to the track at Mallory Park VSCC Race Meeting Sunday 21st August 2011

The very first motor racing in Britain was not motor cars (4 wheels) but the De Dion Bouton motorised Tricycles. Racing was illegal on public roads, but as early as 1897 these machines were being raced on the popular Victorian cycle tracks around the the country, with many of the stars of the day transferring from competitive pedal cycle racing to the new De Dion Bouton trikes.

The De Dion Bouton Club UK celebrated the earliest competition history of these amazing machines, a number of which are still in existence in the hands of enthusiasts and museum collections, by taking them to Mallory Park and riding them on circuit for the very first time. A historic event that should not have been missed.

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A special trike race history and information pack was available for accredited motoring journalists from

Nick Pellett, the Event organiser

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