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The Horseless Carriage Exhibition 1896

"The First London Motor Show"

120th Anniversary
re-enactment at
Imperial College Kensington
7/8th May 2016

International Historic Motoring Awards 2016

This page lists the details from the first Volume of Motorvations.  Click the thumbnail to see a larger image of the front cover. Use the link on the left menu for the latest versions

Vol 1 - Issue Number 15 - December 2010

Brighton 2010, Team Pownall’s Progress, Third Annual Meeting of the Motorcar Club, Hot Tube or Electrical Ignition Sir, The House at Puteaux Corner, The Last Days, F.T.Bidlake, The Rallye Des Ancetres, When I’m 65, Garagiste, and more....

Vol 1 - Issue Number 14 - September 2010

Sussex by the Sea, Edwardian Motor Boat Racing, History Matters, Second Annual Meeting of the Motor Club, What is a Surface Carburettor, The First Trike Races for Over a Century, Charles Jarrott Run, Le Premier, Garagiste, and more....

Vol 1 - Issue Number 13 - June 2010

DDBUK Silverstone, Rockin and Wheelin - 4th AGM, Dept des Mines Records, DDB London Bus Depot, Saltburn Sands - Racing on the Beach, Jack Stocks, London to Oxford 1902, Garagiste, and more...

Vol 1 - Issue Number 12 - March 2010

The First Motor Races in Britain, The 1896 Emancipation Run to Brighton, After Anthony, The Irish Gordon Bennett Race,  Who’s Who, London to Southsea Tour 1901, Garagiste, and more...

Vol 1 - Issue Number 11 - December 2009

Emancipation Run, Original Programme, Brighton weekend reports, Sans Dieu Rien Rally,  Rallaye Des Ancentres 2009, South African Rebuild, Trike 2010, Garagiste, and more...

Vol 1 - Issue Number 10 - September 2009

110th Anniversary - A Celebration of de Dion Bouton tricycles. The 1927 Old Crocks’ Run Programme, Portmeirion  Rally, French Collection, French Invasion, Technical Supplement, Garagiste, The Count and Button, and more....

Vol 1 - Issue Number 9 - June 2009

3rd AGM Report, Marquis de Dion, London to Edinburgh 1909, Australian archive, A registration conundrum, The British Isles that time forgot and 1909 De Dion winning Brooklands Race!

Vol 1 - Issue Number 8 - March 2009

In the beginning, Type T1M Tricycle, The Decret of 10th March 1899, The Fast Lady, De Dion Bouton Register 1898-1904, World’s first motor race, Retromobile 2009, The Count de Dion room ACF, Members offer, Diddy and Booton,.

Vol 1 - Issue Number 7 - December 2008

Dorothy Levitt-the book and the film, French Chic, Musee de la Sarthe, Mecredy, Restoration down on the Farm, Rally Reports, historic images.

Vol 1 - Issue Number 6 - September 2008

William Jolley, email from America, La Vie en Bleu, Brooklands Double Twelve

Vol 1 - Issue Number 5 - June 2008

1928 Old Crocks Run to Brighton, AGM notes, 1908 Tourist Trophy Race, New Forest Rally and yachting weekend

Vol 1 - Issue Number 4 - March 2008

Birth, middle and old age, 100 pictorial years of one De Dion Bouton, Springtime in Paris, 1968 and all that, Exploration Antartica bound, commercials around the world

Vol 1 - Issue Number 3 - December 2007

Discovering a De Dion, Building a De Dion, Restoring a De Dion, The Daybreak Rally, London to Brighton

Vol 1 - Issue Number 2 - September 2007

Brooklands Centenary, What price a De Dion Bouton (et Trepardoux), De Dion Bouton race entries at Brooklands 1908-1939, The Marsh Run, Now and Then, Brighton or Bust 1989 Style

Vol 1 - Issue Number 1 - June 2007

Portmeirion Rally, Model by Model No 1 - The Vis-a-Vis, Charles-Armand Trepardoux, The 1885 Phaeton in the magazine La Nature.. Model Numbers, Raid ...Peking to Paris... 1907

For Later Issues use the link below :-

Volume 2 - Issues 1-18 - March 2011 - June 2015

Motorvations is produced for the Club by Nick Pellett.

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